Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Arbatel, Olympic Spirits, and the Seal of Secrets of the World

Arbatel, Olympic Spirits

Now available as a free pdf download. The Arbatel, Olympic Spirits and the Seal of Secrets of the World.  A concise discussion on how the secret wisdoms discussed in the Arbatel refer to the Olympic Spirits and their placement within a diagram described in the Arbatel and called the Seal of Secrets of the World.

This is a companion to the more discursive book about my experience working the Arbatel (The Seal of Secrets of the World Adventures in Astral Magic) and also an unfinished series of YouTubes on each Olympic Spirit. 

I intend put out a series of free pdf downloads on magic and spirituality drawn from many years of study in East/West spirituality. Planned are booklets on the topic of Meditation, recent work with the Stele of Jeu, and the Vedanta. I intend to take a hiatus, though, to focus on my art instead of my writing