Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel Part 5 Phaleg

Phaleg (Mars)
[The third type of wisdom] is in corporeal creatures. –from Aphorism 9

Phaleg is the Olympic Spirit associated with Mars and the Roman god of the same name. The Arbatel calls Phaleg the Prince of Peace and the Intelligence ruling martial affairs.

The name Phaleg may be derived from Peleg, the name of a minor character in the Old Testament who is said to be an ancestor of Abraham. Peleg means split or divide. This suggests that Phaleg energy is related to the sphere of duality, including distinctions, conflicts, and reconciliations between self and other. The sigil itself may represent a horned animal in the way of a hunter’s arrow.

Phaleg is said to rule 35 Provinces. This translates into the equation 7 x 5, making its value 5. Its geometric form is the pentahedron.

It is represented in a diagram described in the Arbatel called the Seal of Secrets of the world as lines that divide the Seal into quadrants

That Phaleg is called the Prince of Peace may be a reference to the Pythagorean Tetractys, a triangle made of 10 points, in which the second tier of the triangle, composed of 2 points, represents strife and the third tier, composed of 3 points, the harmony or balance between opposing forces. Peace in the sphere of the martial is in diplomacy and so, rather than violent conquest or rash action, Phaleg may be more associated with focus, diplomacy, and strategy in achieving one’s goals in face of the conflicting goals of others. In this sense, the Roman deity Minerva the goddess of wisdom in Warcraft , strategy, and diplomacy also may be a suitable godform for this Olympic Spirit.