Friday, November 3, 2017

How I Work with the Olympic Spirits

After years of working on and off with the Olympic Spirits and studying the first book that speaks about them--The Arbatel--I've adopted a more contemplative approach. This shift was bolstered to a large degree by further study into Neoplatonic philosophy and magic. I'd like to give a shout out to Jason Youngman, the voice behind the YouTube channel Metaphysical Reflections for his mentorship and engagement in Dialect in that regard.

I also happen to be 3 days away from completing another month-long working with the Olympic Spirits that was originally supposed to be a group project that reenacted the group project described in my book The Seal of Secrets of the World. After having been invited to facilitate the new project, I quickly found myself in a situation in which the other female participants in the group only communicated through the male group leader and in which the group leader and one sole other active participant in the group freaked themselves out and discontinued before 10 days of the month-long working had elapsed. They ironically immediately went on to form their own goetia-based enclaves about Olympic Magic.

In any case, the dream-work portion of the Working, which was supposed to be the main activity of the group work, was, for me, filled with pleasant imagery into which relevant metaphors could be read. Because group members insisted on doing standard evocation work as well, I did so, too. Rather than being entertained by profuse visionary content, as was the experience years ago, I had more of an integrative experience in which I rested in the grandeur of the energy signature of the Olympic Spirit evoked. A powerful, comforting, and empowering experience, and seemingly in accord with the aims of Ficino, Diacetto, and other medieval Neoplatonic mages who regarded the planetary intelligences as steps to spiritual refinement and ascendancy in a path of return toward The One.