Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Reviews for La Maga

Sorcerers, Magi and Mystics
Starry Vere
Format:Kindle Edition

Ah, the inner planes. I love to visit there myself, but never have I imagined a world filled with characters like these. Magicians and sorcerers with powers and personalities that clash and express all the best and worst of our familiar human condition. I absolutely loved this book. I must naysay the person who said it's not like Harry Potter. It is, to me, only better! La Maga captures the otherworldliness of Harry Potter but tackles larger political, spiritual, and emotional issues. Soror's writing style drew me in from Sofia's awkward walk down the school hallway through her complicated relationship with Leo De Lux and a life-or-death magical battle and all the way to hope for what today might be called Occupy the Inner and Outer Planes! And I wanted more. I've had the luck to preview the two other books in this series, of which the second is actually my favorite (The Sex Lives of Sorcerers). La Maga is an engaging read for anyone who refuses to think that what we see is all that exists, a trip into a parallel universe that gives unique, playful form to the concepts of Shaktipat, Buddhism, folk magic, mysticism, the occult and adolescent rebellion all mixed together into a brilliant, poignant and ultimately timely story
By L. Skutch
Format:Kindle Edition|
La Maga is an initiation of sorts for me, I don't usually read magical fantasy fiction and I've never seen a Harry Potter movie! I am however, drawn to anything which makes me shift my perception, makes me think and gives me "aha" and "mmm" moments. This book did this on many occasions. I am also incredibly impressed with the depth of knowledge that the author appears to have for various mystical and spiritual arts from the mainstream to the more obscure. It's a smooth read, peppered with layers of deep spiritual teachings and references should the reader's interest be piqued. The mystical and spiritual details read like poetry, not preaching. It's a skillfully rendered sensual work about magical beings that inhabit their world, and more surprisingly, our own.

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