Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scyring the Olympic Spirits: A Pictorial Guide

FREE PDF booklet in Dionesia Rapposelli's (Soror ZSD23's) series on magic, mysticism, and higher spirituality. Visit the Web page for the link to the download and for info on other available and planned pdfs in the series. 

.Phul/Luna/Diana: There is no contrivance in joy. Joy is a pervading, core principle. A living thing is the ephemeral measurement and relationship through which joy can be experienced. Experience the bliss and potency of the moment.

Phaleg/Mars/Athena: Have a single focus and drive it through. An intention must be decisive and unmixed and then directed like a fiery spear or arrow into the heart of its target. 

Ophiel/Mercury: What do you want to know? Observation and careful listening are keys to persuade and confound to accomplish an intention. Single-minded focus, poise, and integration need to be cultivated. 

Bethor/Jupiter What do you want to happen? For manifestation to occur, the infinite potential must be funneled into a point of definition and function. 
Hagith/Venus: I am the Cosmos and Beauty of Being. There is a tender, loving, giving, refreshing, purifying, and enveloping Principle. Meditate on and invoke that Principle for encouragement and solace and to become a source of encouragement and solace for others.
Aratron/Saturn “He who is the Intelligible Principle in Whom All Things Rest.”
There is a large, mighty, thoughtful, loving, protective, possessive, and righteous Principle. Manifestation, personhood, and personal power are predicated on concentrating time and space into boundaries and form. 

Och/Sol: There is no entity; there is only Self. I am complete openness.

Secrets-World-Adventures-Astral-ebook. Print edition upcoming.


  1. I had a dream about Arathron, but I have no idea about him at all so I tried googling him, which lead me here, but I am still clueless to what it means. I hope to find answers soon.

    1. I'm glad you reached out. Many of the gods of pre-Christian religions were repurposed as angels and demons or other types of spirits in medieval Christian magic. Aratron is a code name for the Roman god Saturn and the planet of the same name. The term Aratron may be a mash-up of the Latin word ara (“altar”) and the Greek word “tron” (“functional”). In other words, Aratron represents the “platform” so-to-speak on which existence as we know it happens. In spiritual philosophy, this is sometimes called the Divine Ground. Frankly, this is what “God” is in most religions—as it says in one of the epistles of St Paul in the Bible: “In Him, we live, move, and have our being.” These ideas about Aratron are easier to understand if you have some knowledge of Neoplatonism. The author of the Arbatel (the medieval magical book that talks about Aratron) seemed to hold Neoplatonic ideas and expressed them in a hidden way.

      Different people in the "occult community" who have worked with Aratron and other “Olympic Spirits” have different ideas about how to work with them and what they mean. Most use rituals from Solomonic magic to have an experience of Aratron and most also take a very literal approach to the Arbatel without really examining the philosophical or historical context or hidden messages (I take a different approach). At face value, Aratron is the name of the spiritual “intelligence” of the planet Saturn. The Arbatel tells magicians to conjure Aratron to gain knowledge about astronomy, alchemy, and magic; draw on the spirit’s magical powers of transformation; be in relationship with nature spirits; overcome infertility; and have the power of invisibility.

      Interestingly, when I myself was involved in a project that included dreamwork about the Olympic Spirits, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame would often show up in my dreams on the nights that I was supposed to dream about Aratron.