Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Edition of the Novel La Maga Published Its "Harry Potter for Grownups"

A new edition of La Maga has been published by small publisher on the rise Night Horse Publishing house.  .   

It's Harry Potter for grownups, folks. And if you have the mind for the Western Mystery Tradition, and the  mystical, it is a good read.

Welcome to the Inner Plane and its tempestuous society of sorcerers and magi and an underclass of lowly folk practitioners and licit and illicit immigrants from the Outer Plane.

The series begins with the life and times of a lady mage named Sofia La Maga. Upon returning to her hometown in her magical world after long years of exile in the Himalayas, she befriends, mentors, and rehabilitates the troubled teenaged son of an imposing and elitist dignitary, the high sorcerer Leo de Lux. Strongly averse, then curious, then acquiescing, and ultimately exhilarated, de Lux  both falls for Sofia La Maga and also embraces a portended predestined role as the leader of a utopian movement that seeks to overturn an oppressive social system that not only gratuitously exploits magical persons of lesser status but persons like you and me who inhabit the Outer Plane. Magical fantasy is woven with insights from Eastern mysticism and Western esotericism in this first installment of the series. 

The series offers thought-provoking ideas about self and finding oneself and one’s true purpose in the context of magical fantasy and should be of interest to adult fiction readers drawn to magia, mysticism, and spiritual philosophy.

Reviews (refers to Kindle edition)

Sometimes it may seem like we need magic to find happiness. "La Maga: A Story about Sorcerers and Magi" is a sensual fantasy novel following lady mage Sofia la Maga as she returns home to help a troubled teen, who happens to be the son of a renowned sorcerer. A tale marked by sorcerers' exotic charisma as well as social unrest against injustice, and the repercussions of an unruly system of magic, "La Maga" is tempestuous soiree into mystic mysteries. 

The Midwest Book Review

“La Maga captures the otherworldliness of Harry Potter but tackles larger political, spiritual, and emotional issues. Soror’s writing style drew me in from Sofia’s awkward walk down the school hallway through her complicated relationship with Leo De Lux and a life-or-death magical battle and all the way to hope for what today might be called Occupy the Inner and Outer Planes! . . . La Maga is an engaging read for anyone who refuses to think that what we see is all that exists, a trip into a parallel universe that gives unique, playful form to the concepts of Shaktipat, Buddhism, folk magic, mysticism, the occult and adolescent rebellion all mixed together into a brilliant, poignant and ultimately timely story.”

“This is a novel of magic by a true expert in both Western and Eastern systems of magic and mysticism. The author’s knowledge shines throughout the narrative, exciting the reader with tastes of this-world esoterica amplified in to the scale of an amazing universe of multiple plains of reality. Within all the magical and metaphysical goings-on are stories of young love, generational conflict, and spiritual transformation. A source of enjoyment and enlightenment for young and old!”

“. . . I am also incredibly impressed with the depth of knowledge that the author appears to have for various mystical and spiritual arts from the mainstream to the more obscure. It’s a smooth read, peppered with layers of deep spiritual teachings and references should the reader’s interest be piqued. The mystical and spiritual details read like poetry, not preaching. It’s a skillfully rendered sensual work about magical beings that inhabit their world, and more surprisingly, our own.”

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