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All About the Magical Wand History and Lore Free PDF download

The wand is the quintessential mythical tool of magic. No magical fantasy character is without one. Wands make things happen and make nifty weapons, don’t they? Perhaps because, in real magic, the wand is a symbol of the magician’s will and acts as a symbolic tool of concentration and direction of energy.

The wand is associated with space, mind, healing, communication, and the element of fire. In its fiery aspect, it represents the male and solar regenerative power—a phallic, fertile symbol.

The celebrated early 20th century mage Aleister Crowley referred to the wand as a symbol of the magician’s oath. What was the oath but commitment to attaining “True Will.” True Will was Crowley’s term for spiritual liberation and enlightenment.  Crowley says in his book Liber IV:

 “The Magick Wand is thus the principal weapon of the Magus; and the ‘name’ of that wand is the Magical Oath.”

The wand is a symbol of the magical worker’s power to act. It is a symbol of the magician himself. As the 16th century mage Giordano Bruno said in De Magia:

“[In the highest sense] a magician is a wise man who knows how to act.”

In other words, a magician, ideally, is a person who has gained self-mastery.

Well, that sounds kind of egg-heady and a far cry from the swish-and-flick romance we love about the magical wand. But maybe the explanation takes the strangeness—the scary foreignness—out of the picture about what a “magical wand” really is. And maybe it makes it okay for you to have one not only as a kitschy novelty item or children’s toy but as a powerful symbol of spiritual goals and intentions.

 Where did the idea of the magical wand originate anyway? Learn more from this free, illustrated pdf booklet.

Learn about how real magic in history inspired myth and fantasy.

Sample from All About the Magical Wand
Sample from All About the Magical Wand
Sample from All About the Magical Wand

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