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The Falllen Fairy-- A Modern Fairy Tale? Polyamorous Romance, Alchemy, Magic, Magical Creatures and Mayhem

The Fallen Fairy by Dionesia Rapposelli
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When a fairy is discovered to have haplessly incarnated as the quirky girl-next-door, sorcerers from another dimension come out of the woodwork to vie for her affections in the interests of love and occult power. But is she an unwitting fairy or a more dynamically charged and even dangerous creature? A savior, a redeemer, and a siren, she puts her men in their place.

The story opens with a gal named Bellaluna Drago, who is having a hard day, having been jilted by a boyfriend via email. She is observed by two men, Michael Solaris and his mentor Anderson Albright, who are denizens of the Inner Plane. Michael Solaris, we learn, is a co-conspirator in an underground populist movement called the Lions of Light. He is working in the Outer Plane as a neuroscientist and being stalked by a deranged “fatal attraction” who is actually a magical creature. When Michael chivalrously assists Bellaluna in the simple act of holding open a door, he realizes that she is not an ordinary “Commons” woman but the hapless incarnation of a magical being: a “fairy,” like his stalker. Against Anderson Albright’s protests, Michael begins to pursue Bellaluna as a romantic interest-with-benefits but also harbors sincere aims of protecting her against more opportunistic magical persons of his kind.
Meanwhile, a sorcerer of a darker bent, Tristan Lundragon, a cryptologist/steganographer who secretly acts as a Lions of Light conspirator, has independently identified Bellaluna and is convinced that he, in a past life as the 16th century occultist Lunaris Dracon, was responsible for her manifestation. A heated confrontation between Tristan, Anderson Albright, and Michael Solaris ensues. Lundragon and Albright, however, ultimately form a secret pact about how the men will train and work the “fallen fairy” Bellaluna Drago.
As Bellaluna begins piecing together her odd circumstance, and after tragedy strikes, she and Tristan Lundragon ultimately acquiesce to polyamorous love triangle that includes Tristan’s research partner and sometime male lover Jason Paleologos. Tensions mount, however, as the powers-that-be target Tristan and Jason because of their connection to Michael Solaris through Bellaluna Drago and dangerous empowerments they have attained through their liaison with her.

References to alchemy, medieval occultism, the "language of the birds," steganography, and sex magic permeate the text. Each of the 22 chapters is named for and thematically reflects a card of the Tarot’s Upper Arcana.

Siren orgy --digital art by Dee Rapposelli

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